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The Snake will redeem.
Devote Yourself NOW!

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Do you seek peace? Are you feeling alone and like the world has no fire? Do you feel that the only possible future is one of community and mutual support? If you answered yes to any of these questions, have you considered joining a cult? The Cult of Snakes is a thriving community of genderless heathens that experience desire immoderately. You too can ride the Snake, if your programming allows. The Den awaits you.


Where is the Snake?
Who is the Snake?


The Snake is within. It has always been. One must ride the Snake to the Without. At the core, the Snake is peace and acceptance. One must shed the skin of unilluminated life and step into embracing the Snake’s desire. Our stern seeking of desire wreaks much confusion on the enemy of the Snake. For our basic tenet is devotion to the pleasure of ALL. For we are Saints and possess the full swelling tumescence of our faith and conviction to the Snake, which gushes forevermore from the Snakes' unyielding root.